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Hilda's Heirs

Celebrating Women and Girls in Ministry

As part of the Diocesan Festival of Light for children and families, and in collaboration with the Methodist North East District, there will be a day of celebrating the ministry of women and girls, here in Whitby.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

  • 10am Opening activity (outdoors) at Caedmon's Cross, St Mary's Church - Whitby.

  • 11am Scavenger hunt around town, where children and young people can explore the ministry of women from St Hilda right up to the present day, beginning at the Station - Whitby

  • 1.30pm Fish and Chip lunch provided!

  • 2pm Exhibition displaying information about women in ministry at St Hilda's Church - Whitby.

  • 3pm Service of celebration at St Hilda's Church - Whitby

We hope this will prove to be a day of encouragement and inspiration. For more information please email Fr Michael:

For further information on the Diocese of York's Festival of Light see here -

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